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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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because the lows are way up there near 50 degrees and things are beginning to moisten to the north, a couple of upper 40s and as we just touched on it is amazing live cold freezing rain into the deep south, and i think things are really active to the east of us and to the north of us. that dome look very impress search with me either, mostly cloudy, patchy fog, there could be a sprinkle or two to the north, temperatures in the 60s for almost everybody, here is sal. steve good morning, we are looking at a decent commute, you can see traffic is moving along well on 80 westbound and drive times are up, your drive
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time from your point, it is about a 10 minute drive and also this morning, we are looking at a commute through the 680 interchange and that looks good. 440, let's go back to the desks. they are looking for a missing 16-year-old autistic boy who was last seen at the campus of the middle school. he has a thin goatee, his family says, he is developmentally disabled and has the mental capacity of an eight-year-old. they do not suspect set anything unusual but we will have a live report coming up. they are reporting a deadly accident for a man on a
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motorcycle. police tell us the motorcyclist crashed into a tree at the center immediate un. it is still not clear what led up. he was a man in his 40s and this is the third deadly accident that happened on the street of san rafael. moving to the southeast, the much latest school from eastern texas have cans sended toyed and our forecast with power outages is agreeing concern and they have no -- a growing concern and they have not seen this type of weather in 20 years. they have already been canceled due to the freezing weather. the snow and the ice on the east coast are causing a lot of delays and they are causing
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cancellations as well. they are advised to check with their carriers before heading out. they are considering winter restrictions as the dry weather continues. it is meaning to discuss a water reduction and they will also meet to discuss what further and eactions it should take. we have also learned by the end of the week they are expected to call for cutbacks and other areas including alameda county but i think it will be okay, there will plenty of ways to save. >> they could put things into place. and we will find out more about bay area vin yards. they will provide an update on the drought and they will
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discuss what farmers are doing to present damage from wine drapes. they will provide special functioning and we have a special section dedicated to the drought and we will find an up to dates near you just look for the home page. a bart police officer who was killed accidentally by another police officer will begin at the chapel of the chimes now that service will be held at the neighborhood church of caster valley. and they have announced immediate changes as a result of last week's shooting. he washe was searching for a
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robbery suspect and bart officers will need a written letter from a someone. >> visor and lack of training played a roll in our tragedy. >> we have been working with training and probably the first time it was officer maze who fired the shot that killed officer smith. they do not know if he mistook him for an armed suspect during the search. and one officer inn went that type of play and it seems they were governing buddies. >> they were good people and
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they wanted to better the community and better the world and it just -- it is sad, it really is since the deadly shooting a week ago. a family of a 6-year-old, the reports that the girl was inappropriately touched on campus at wall tore of school. the girl was pushed to the ground by one or more boys who tooked off her clothing. they say they did not take off any of her clothes and they are just beginning to investigate.
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lot 13 where the abduction happened was a temporary lot with no leading. the college has since put lights up over the weekend and starting today the light will go on. they have a rare homicide case. they have arrested 18-year-old twin brothers in the killing of a state student saturday night. the two twins fatally stabbed a guy who tried to break up a fight at a birthday party. police arrested the two suspect pet suspects. it happened on a parking lot about 9:00 last night. a man was shot in the face and
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he was rushed to the hospital where he is in stable condition and they are hoping to review surveillance video to help with their investigation. the increase is part of a plan to help pay for new smart parking meters. they are said to order the new credit credit cards. >> they are raising from as much as $1 an hour to $2 an hour. they are forced to take their business elsewhere. and in their state of the union, he will sign an executive order to increase for federal contract workers. the president's order will raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 for own hour.
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the president has been pressing congress to increase the federal minimum wage for all workers and they the he does not have it for federal private workers. >> many of things they talked about was stuff they asked him to take action about last time which is gun control and immigration reform. >> the president will use his all right -- >> he will about talk threateningness and there was a menacing tone in terms he have i have got my pen and speech
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ready. >> and the bright up knows and also increasing medical coverage. we begin at k. the u.v. news at -- ktvu news at five. he plans on talking at accordsco and delivering a speech at u.s. steel. we will then head to a national school to speak at a first day afternoon. spying through angry birds. how they are hooking too get to
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get prescription glasses. right now we are looking at a commute which looks good and we will tell you what the traffic times are in contra costa county. there is not is not much rain. it looks like one and done to me.
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. welcome back. they are reviewing their policies following the death of a boogie border. lifeguards are not allowed to close beaches when there is dangerous surf but it is not clear whether they can be rescued against their will. they are hoping to get more clarity on that issue today. we are also learning disturbing new information
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today from the bay area charged with possessing weapons of mass destruction. he graduated in belmont last year. police say he has admitted to explosives while living here in the bay area and some of the bomb making material was imported from community are are china. >> these were used in the making of fireworks. >> investigators say the teen planned to go to a remote area of pennsylvania to set off the explosives. >> one of the men allegedly accused of setting a fire has been acquitted on two of those charges. they found him not guilty of
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setting a garbage can on fire and spitting on officers but he was committed for resisting arrest. it was following the win of 2012 and you may remember the 700 street. southwest will fly to jamaica aruba and the bahamas. they will fly to several destinations through the end of the year and they already have international flights including routes to caribbean. and the san franciscop international features 8 retail stores, four restaurants, some yoga stores and a yoga
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facility. we is add more throughout the week. some are complaining about the breaks of toyota camrys from the 2008 and 2008 -- 2007 and 2008 years. the problems happen without any warning and the number of complaints has jumped since last year. two crashes have been linked to the problem. google will roll out 4 styles of prescription frames. the frames will a tax and there will be an additional $150 and use and users can come as soon as they make to the general and
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that was 4 million fewer than most analysts had herbs expected especially in china knap which is apple's second largest market. now apple's reported closing bell and it did drop it sounds good. now let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic. >> okay, sal hold. are you on apple? >> yes. >> oh gosh, you are going to put me on the spot. $550 a share. what do you think pam. good morning everybody. let's look at what we have, there is not a lot going on but
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it doesn't mean we will not have a lot going on later. the drive time no major problems right now. 880 north, the roadwork is not bad here and they have picked it up and we have been looking at 508 and the ultimate pass and we are moving to the inner core area, it is 449 let's go to steve. room all right. i have really band it to rain, serious -- seriously. and after that after the weekend it looks dry and how can this be a meaning pattern
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change if we are cooler everything is riding up to the north. cooler pattern not much in the way of clouds. so we will take you too too day that is our best opportunity right there as we head to wednesday night and thursday and that will be there after friday, it is gone. i mean so, you know what film saying. 40s and 50s due to cloud cover, it is amazingly cold, it is police low and 51 degrees for an all time record high yesterday. the wind chills are brutal, the cold, it was diving all the way down into the deep south. stretching all the way to the
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deep south, look where this is going. up, up, up, it's going over a mountain of high pressure. it is solve 15ing, there willen a and overall mostly cloudy. we are starting off and a low will zip right down the coast on sunday and it is on the way to southern california and they are putting the and they are already arriving in the big apple. 13 blocks have been turned into a giant super bowl experience.
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it opens ting move and it's signifying a touchdown. they are becoming pretty tight and it hadn't been height ended for potential terrorist activity an x-ray truck is scanning every vehicle, everything that is he can brought into life stadium will also be thoroughly examined. you can watch the super bowl right here kickoff is set for supplement tie afternoon. after the. >> 452. and it is caused during world serious are risk celebrations and the reason, they are no longer facing charges. and we will norm tell you
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about another cost that will no longer cost you next year.
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. welcome back, 4:54, they are now suing them, sophia was stepping into a crosswalk at the corner of polk and eilis
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when police said they were hit by a man. now they were hurt but the little girl died. they were available to pick up passengers. >> available for people to pick him as a driver which is the very essence of his business and without them having empty cars, he has no business. >> he said he should not be sued in connection with the passengers. he was not actually working for the companies at the time accident. they are warning rental cars, nine cars had their cars smashed in on one night. several were rental cars. electronic knicks it didn't
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mean if they were locked in and businesses want you to fresh gwen their establishment. >> rental cars are ease is he arm it get. so far this month so far several have had problems and most were rental cars. students say they borrow books, share them with friends or try to go without reading the text back 7 on% report not buying a book because it is too expensive. they have been online and have been delayed because of lack
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testify funding and they only made it one and a half seasons and the bills were a veil dash affiliated for -- affiliated for upcoming games. and this thursday and friday they need 1200 extras every day and they will post them on the team 'website and they should dress in their team's giant gear. >> it should not be too loud. the search is underway for a missing teen and the reason his parents are so concerned about his safety. >> a message for change for gabby giffords, why this may have more than the usual amount
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of the viewers. traffic here looks good and mess and should be rain. it feels leak rain so where is the rain.
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. a san rafael man loses control of his motorcycle and is killed in a crash and we will tell you why this is the latest in a series of accidents. and a change in policy, the new safety measures following last week's deadly shooting following the death of a police officer. and government is getting access to your information. complete coverage starts right now. good morning, we want to take you right out to belmont police, the department out there where they are searching for a


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